Had To Share This Great Idea

A Favorite Idea I Found Online for a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Themed Party

Courtesy: M & M Cupcake Tower

One of my favorite things about this project is that you could use store bought cupcakes and attach the faces to them. If you don’t mind baking, make the cupcakes in red, yellow or green paper wrappers to keep with the Mickey’s clubhouse color scheme.

Though the white frosting makes the Mickey & Minnie pop, you could use any color/flavor of frosting. If you wanted to go a little more girly you could use pink/strawberry icing with pink ribbons & pink cupcake wrappers. This would stay true to the new Mickey’s Clubhouse in which Minnie wears a pink dress.

As for the “faces” of the Mickey & Minnie, they are regular sized Oreo cookies. The ears are miniature Oreo’s. The bows are just small tied ribbon and are attached with a dab of extra icing, which acts as a type of “glue.”

Once assembled, the cupcakes are placed on a store bought Mickey’s Clubhouse cupcake stand. This is a great presentation. However, if you didn’t want to buy the stand, try laying them out in the shape of Mickey, just like the Oreo faces.