Big On Burgers

Warm weather is here that means it’s time to fire up the barbie. What’s more American than hot dogs and hamburgers?

More and more places are creating specialty burgers and it’s catching on. From toppings galore, to specialty flavors, to price tags that are out of this world, the gourmet burger craze is sweeping through America.

Many restaurants have a full page menu that’s dedicated just to hamburgers. It doesn’t end there, there is usually a build-your-own burger on the menu. From numerous cheese options, to a toppings bar that includes peppers, various sauces and the standard lettuce, tomato and pickle, the options are endless.

According to trend watchers, spicy burger compliments are what burger connoisseurs want. Sriracha, poblano, jalapeno and habanero are among the fastest-growing burger ingredients/toppings. In fact, they are more popular than pickles.

IMG_6304Another popular topping making its way onto the scene is specialty ketchup. More and more chefs across the country are making their own ketchup to control flavor. There is of course some debate on this topic. Many say, some things just shouldn’t be replaced.

If your perfect burger matches the lyrics of a popular song (lettuce, tomato, Heinz 57, pickle and french fries) it may be time to change it up. Get creative! Opt for more vegetables/sauces on your burgers. Try barbecue sauce with pickled jalapenos for a sweet and spicy kick.

Burgers are no longer meant to be boring. There is no wrong way to eat one. Many people have even gotten rid of the bun and replaced it with large lettuce leaves.