My Rapunzel Tower Cake

My daughter really wanted a Rapunzel cake for her birthday and after scouring the web I found a cake I loved and to the best of my ability I recreated it. Below are the steps I used to make Rapunzel’s tower.

My inspiration found online: A Tangled Celebration


I used a bunt cake pan for the base and colored white frosting green, and I used cookie sprinkles to give a little shimmer to the cake.


This next step was my trial an error. I decided to use donuts for the tower, but the weight was going to break the cake so I decided to use a ramekin in the center for added support.


This worked great as you can see. I used 5 Chocolate Frosted donuts from Dunkin Donuts, my daughter’s favorite.


Between each layer I used the left over green frosting which acted a glue, keeping the tower intact.


I then frosted the donuts with white frosting, and used Nilla Wafers as the rocks and sprinkled candy stars.


To make the top of the tower I used 2 Dunkin Donuts cinnamon/coffee rolls, 2 sugar cones for the peaks and another cone for the tiled roof, as well as purple sugar for the glittery effect. I did have to cut off part of one cone to make the peak smaller. I frosted the cinnamon rolls with white icing and assembled it on a separate plate. I refrigerated both the tower base and top part overnight.


About an hour or so before the party I began assembling both pieces and putting the final touches on the cake. My biggest mistake was using chocolate cookie icing for the tower trim and windows. It was too thin and would run down the cake. I kept doing a section putting the cake in the fridge to harden. I would recommend using a much thicker icing. This was the only part of the cake I wasn’t overly happy with, but time restraints didn’t allow for me to change it.

20120530-005354.jpgI finished the cake off with a miniature Rapunzel doll that my daughter could then play with and of course candles. Aside from the cookie icing incident, overall I was very happy with the way the cake turned out, and all the kids loved it.

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