Under The Big Top Party

I recently took my daughter to a circus party and it truly was over “The Big Top.”


This was the “CANDY BAR” with all the fun aspects from the circus. The “CANDY BAR” also acted as the favors table. It included, classic paper popcorn holders, boxes of Animal Crackers for each child, big lolly-pops that every kids HAD to have and my daughter’s favorite were the ring pops. All the candies were placed in glass jars and color coordinated.


This was “THE BIG TOP,” a circle ring that had different colors of mesh material coming down and hung from the ceiling in front of a red/white striped backdrop.


Here is the drink table. There was regular and pink lemonade in plastic jars (just like at a state fair) with the birthday boy’s circus labels on them. There were also bottles of water with circus labels and juice boxes. However, because it was so hot out the day of the party, in addition to the table of drinks there were also coolers of regular water below that were easily accessible.


I really thought this was a creative use of a “BIG TOP” cupcake holder. Individual servings of vegetables were placed in plastic desert cups with a little ranch dressing in the bottom. It was a mess free way to make sure the kids ate something healthy. In the distance you can see “BIG TOP” cupcake holders, fruit was placed in those with a little appetizer fork.

Kids are easily bored and easily distracted so keeping them busy during a party is always key. In addition to a bounce house with a slide, there were classic circus games, like ring tosses onto coca-cola bottles, potato sack races, and bean bag tosses. Prizes were given to each child who participated in the potato sack races.

As for food, this family served hot dogs from the grill, making it the perfect party “UNDER THE BIG TOP.”

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